The Convocation of the West is a missionary community of Christians and churches in the catholic Anglican tradition. Our community spans from Texas to the Pacific. 
We reside within the Missionary Diocese of All Saints (ACNA).
We are a chapter of Forward in Faith.

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(A hopeful word about Holy Week planning from  St Barnabas, Shoreline, WA . Fr Harley Crain can be reached at )

In this time of virus and the chaos associated with it, we are overwhelmed with news, politics, isolation, inconvenience, misinformation, gloom and doom.

It is amazing, that drive up coffee and fast food is considered essential, while churches have been closed.  Does that render Jesus and our faith in the trinity, non-essential? Often the news and recommendations are contradictory. Sometimes the contradictions occur with the next breath or sentence.

Secularism has taken a stronghold over the spiritual world.  There is burgeoning social and secular religiosity around the topics of distancing and stay at home mandates. While science is important in directing the management of this crisis, we as Christians must not lose sight of who is really in control. God is in the science!

Be encouraged that Christ is the true healer.  While this virus receives front page news that it is ravaging life, as we knew it, God is healing the earth without notoriety or fanfare. 

It is important that we seek His miracles.  For instance, there has been measurable reduction in carbon emissions with confinement.  What will we learn from this?  Neighbors are reaching out and helping others!  Individuals are digging deep to create, donate, and feed, as we’ve been scripturally directed to do. While some may turn to reporting their neighbors for too many trips out of the neighborhood, many are striving to stay present with friends, family, parishioners and community members.

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March Newsletter

Blessed Lent!

Please find linked below the March Newsletter:

Please print this issue out and distribute it within your respective ministries and parishes. This edition is formatted to be printed on one double-sided 11 x 17 sheet and folded as a booklet. 

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MDAS Statement Regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


On Tuesday the 25th of February the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a statement asking the public to prepare for a potential health crisis. As of Wednesday, the 26th, 59 confirmed cases have been reported in the United States.

The situation is very fluid. The CDC has been candid, stating that this is a novel virus and that their understanding of its transmission and treatment is limited.

According to the CDC:

  • The risk today: “For the general American public, who are unlikely to be exposed to this virus at this time, the immediate health risk from COVID-19 is considered low.”
  • The future: “However, it’s important to note that current global circumstances suggest it is likely that this virus will cause a pandemic. In that case, the risk assessment would be different.”

I encourage each congregation to adopt the following measures to help minimize the spread of any contagion.

  • Encourage any members with symptoms of a cough, disease or a fever within the last 24 hours to stay at home. 
  • Provide several containers of alcohol based (60%-95%) hand sanitizer around your congregation in highly visible and accessible areas. Make sure there is a container available for members  to use before taking Holy Communion.
  • Provide boxes of Kleenex and facial tissue in the sanctuary so that those members who are coughing and sneezing can safely cover their mouths and nose.
  • Provide empty waste bins in the sanctuary so that soiled facial tissue can be disposed of safely.
  • Before and after officiating, all clergy should wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds .
  • Clergy and Lay Eucharistic Ministers must use hand sanitizer right before they begin distributing the Communion elements.
  • Take care of your self during pastoral visitations. Follow all infection control measures in place at hospitals.
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The Calm Sea


A homily for Ember Week 2020 Clericus 


Genesis 49
Psalm 119:89-104
Matthew 7

“We put not our trust in anything we do”

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Now Available: Ash Wednesday and Sunday Lent Liturgies

Bishop Richard Lipka (courtesy of Susan Lipka) has made available his liturgy booklets for Ash Wednesday and Season of Lent. For those churches using the 2019 liturgy, you can download them here, all you need do is replace the front page.

- Ash Wednesday

- Season of Lent Eucharist

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January Newsletter

Please find linked below the January Newsletter ready for print. In it you will find the following articles and announcements: 

• Epiphany: The Light Hurts My Eyes By Bishop Winfield Mott
• The Seven Churches By Fr. Michael Penfield
• Twelfth Night By Fr. Michael Penfield 
• Upcoming Clericus 2020

Please print it out and distribute it within your respective ministries and parishes. This edition is formatted to be printed on one double-sided sheet and folded as a booklet. 

You can download the newsletter here:

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November Newsletter and 2020 Clericus

Registrations are open for our Feb 18-20 Clericus! Registration link is here:
Registration deadline is Jan 18th. 

This is a very important Clericus for us, so please make every effort you can to attend. Our speaker will be Canon Mark Eldredge, Director of Church Revitalization for the American Anglican Council. He will be presenting a program for revitalization of our congregations. More information about his program here:

Please read the newsletter for more information about the program as it pertains to us. 

November Newsletter
The November Newsletter for the Convocation of the West! It is in two forms, as last time: web and print.

The Season of Giving Thanks By Fr. Donald Hughes
• Presenting: Church ReVive By Fr. Michael Penfield
• Not Yet By Bishop Winfield Mott
• Upcoming Clericus and Synod

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October 2019 Newsletter, digital and print

The October 2019 issue of The Line is out, which includes important announcments and a letter from the Vicar General:

      Download Volume 6.3 (digital, for web/email distribution)   

      Instructions for Print Version  

In this issue

All Saints, Here and Hereafter By Bishop Winfield Mott

2020 Synod

Up And At ‘Em By Kimberly M. Vogel

Welcome To Our Brave New World By Fr. Michael Penfield

Upcoming Clericus


We recently changed delivery methods for The Line. If you did not receive an email with this newsletter, you are not subscribed.
There is a solution: subscribe to the Newsletter here!

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September 2019 Newsletter

The September 2019 issue of The Line is out, which includes important announcments and a letter from the Vicar General:

     Download Volume 6.2 (digital, for web/email distribution)  

     Download Volume 6.2 (print, for parish distribution)

 Back issues are available from the  Newsletter page. 

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Save the Date: Clericus Feb 18-20, 2020

Anglican Convocation of the West (MDAS) * Clericus 2020

WHO: The Clericus is for all the clergy and candidates of the Convocation of the West in particular; others, lay or clergy, are most welcome as well.


WHEN: February 18th-20th, 2020
WHERE: 600 Holy Cross Road, Mesilla Park, NM 88047

CONTACT: The Rev. Canon Michael Penfield at


Check back or follow us ( RSS  /   Twitter ) for updates.

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