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Posted by Administrator on Apr 09 2016
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APRIL 9, 2016



The Diocese of the West in the Reformed Episcopal Church, a diocese of the Anglican Church in North America, ceased to function Wednesday, April 6. The last synod was held at St. John’s Church in Boerne, Texas April 5-6. The Diocese, with the majority of its congregations and clergy, has formed the Convocation of the West within the Missionary Diocese of All Saints, which is also an ACNA diocese. The organizing synod for the Convocation was held April 6-7, also in Boerne and overlapping the diocesan synod.

The decision to discontinue the Diocese followed a meeting of the Reformed Episcopal bishops recommending the Diocese terminate and transition to a convocation of another diocese, since it did not meet the criteria of the ACNA in terms of numbers. ACNA generally expects a diocese to have at least 12 congregations which each have 50 or more attendees on the weekend and a total of 1000 attendees for the diocese. While the Diocese of the West had 16 congregations, few exceeded the attendance minimum and the total was considerably less than the 1000 expected.

The Diocesan Bishop, Winfield Mott will serve as Vicar-General of the Convocation until his retirement later in the year. Mott commented, “The Convocation format will enable us to continue as a community, which is important to us, as we have been a strong support for each other and have our own style and customs. The Missionary Diocese of All Saints context allows us to be a missionary presence in the western U.S. in the Anglo-Catholic tradition in which the Diocese of the West was formed.” The Diocese was the only diocese in the so-called Continuing Church movement to enter the ACNA and has existed since the 1980’s. Mott added, “It is our hope, with the support of MDAS, to grow and again become a diocese.”


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